Tech Transfers




  1. System and method for automated course individulization via learning behaviors and natural language processing

    Christopher Greg Brinton, Weiyu Chen, Mung Chiang, Sangtae Ha and Stefan Ruediger Rill
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  2. System and Method for Variable Pricing of Data Usage

    Mung Chiang, Sangtae Ha, Soumya Sen and Carlee Joe-Wong
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  3. System and Method for Scheduling Mobile Data During a Spectrum Valley

    Mung Chiang, Sangtae Ha, Carlee Joe-Wong, Shantigram Jagannath and Wim Sweldens,
    United State Publication # US 9820291, Nov. 14, 2017.

  4. Systems and Methods for Coordinating Client-Side Inference of Mobile Network Loading and Capacity

    Jagan Shantigram, Minyan Shi, Carlee Joe-Wong and Sangtae Ha
    United State Publication # US 9794155, Oct. 17, 2017.

  5. Client-Side Inference of Wireless Network States

    Mung Chiang, Sangtae Ha, Carlee Joe-Wong, Harjot Saluja, Jagan Shantigram and Wim Sweldens
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  6. Increasing Transmission Rate to a Remote Device In Response to Attributing Information Loss at Not Being a Result of Network Congestion

    Nandita Dukkipati, Sangtae Ha, Vijay Subramanian and Flavio Bonomi
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